Saturday, May 19, 2007

Lookie What I Found!

I really think old movies are fun, and surfing the net in search of sites that offer information about them has been entertaining. The creativity out there is just endless!

I've had the pleasure of being introduced to a few sites, as well as finding others through Google, there are so many out there that I can't possibly list all of the ones I liked so far on here, so I'll start with four of them.

1. Classic Movie Lounge
This is a rather informative site, which seems to have somewhat of an eclectic collection of information for Classic Movie Lovers -- there's something for everyone on there. I really like the way this Blog's author reviews movies, too, while watching them -- complete with personal little thoughts about whatever interesting thing pops up in the movie. Certainly this adds a new dimension to movie reviews, and I couldn't help but chuckle at a few of those.

2. Cocoa and Caffeine Hollywood Travels
This was another interesting blog, the gal who runs this one is a location scout, talent assistant, and writer. She, too, is witty and creative, and I couldn't help but spit my coffee out laughing at what she wrote in her May 15 blog entry. What a mess that made, but the laugh was worth it! And the next time I read her blog, I'm going to finish my coffee first.

3. Reel Classics
What I liked best about this site is it's comprehensive list of Classic actors and actresses, complete with a nice picture. As I looked through these lists, I couldn't help but think about how nice everyone looked in those days, with every hair in place, and nicely tailored clothing. Yesterday's actors and actresses make today's look like a bunch of slobs who just rolled out of bed and onto the floor.

4. The Movie Cliches List
Funny, but it's true -- you can't enjoy a classic movie without the cliches, even if you don't realize them. This site has a list containing about 75 different cliche categories, like "airplanes", "binoculars & glasses", "light", "villains", and "wood" just to name a few. Because of the lesson I learned while enjoying Cocoa and Caffeine Hollywood Travels, I did not drink any coffee while viewing this site, but I'm pretty sure this one's a "coffee spitter outter" too -- some of these cliches are hilarious!

The links to these appear in the Highly Recommended menu on the right, please click on them and enjoy! I'll keep surfing for more of these to post again soon.

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