Thursday, April 26, 2007

Updated Look

You may notice that some of our pages look a little different.

In late January of this year, Classic Cinema Online was rather hastily put together without a whole lot of planning for the design, only a few simple ideas.

Since I'm not exactly a veteran of web design, and wanted to keep things simple, I had a lot of playing around to do in order to discover how to make the site look the way I wanted. Being very busy with raising my family and running ChattyworldCentral.Com, I didn't set aside a whole lot of time for the design that I wanted, I was more into getting the pages usable and uploaded.

My original idea was to have a billboard that would announce the movies that are showing, and the red drapes, of course, were an absolute must in keeping with the original movie theater theme style, as traditionally, back in the days of classic cinema, the Grande Drape was always red velvet. I finally got around to implementing that idea, and boy was it a monotonous (but worth it) task.

Our colors have a specific purpose, as the traditional movie theaters tended to lean towards the use of marble and brass in their decor, in addition to red velvet, so our color spectrum echoes those. As well, the black represents the darkened theater when the movie plays, plus black looks really good with red anyway, they just "click".

So, anyway, we now have our billboards announcing what's playing now, and you'll notice that some movies on the bill have stars by them, these are the movies that are of the higher quality, and if you're using dial up, they may or may not take a while to load.

I hope you enjoy the new look, this one's a keeper.


Anonymous said...

Thank you. Now the internet is worth my time as an alternative to regular television, which I don't watch.

I really appreciate your choices and consider this an archive of historical records and Americana. I also appreciate the cartoons and what they represent, figuratively and actually. They remind me of the political cartoons of Dr. Seuss. Indeed the early twentieth century was very interesting time.

Awesome work.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I have to agree there!

In comparing the films of the early 20th century to today's films, you can see an absolute change in culture across the board.

It appears to me that the more drastic changes in filming took place during the late 1960's, with another bold change during the mid 1970's.

I feel that in today's films, generally speaking, the over all story lines are weaker while the content is much more graphic than need be.

I can see plainly the change in moral values over the years in watching these flicks, as well, while smoking cigarettes and having a drink was the "big thing" in movies way back when, in this day and age it's drug use, and I have no doubt that this influences people who see that, especially the younger set.

I love the old movies for so many reasons, not just their historic value, but they are rather entertaining, too. And the costuming -- oh, my, I'd love to see ladies and gentlemen dress like that again!

Classic Cinema Online said...

Thank you both for those comments. We're glad that you and others are enjoying Classic Cinema Online. It's certainly been both fun and interesting putting this site together and running it, and just today we've added a wonderful new feature that randomly displays some of our movies, so now you can choose one of those and watch it right here on the blog, or choose to watch a movie on it's cinema page by selecting a genre from the menu bar on the right. The displayed movies are films that we, specifically, have uploaded to Google.

mrnukem said...

Really wonderful site! I like the old theater lay out and the content is great! Thank you for your efforts.

AntolĂ­n said...

Nice site!
Suggestion: place a search engine in home to look fast when you know the name of the film or the director. I don't have so many movies as you, but I'm starting to like my collection (not all of them, but many). Best regards.
Ah! I site to suggest: (also mine is not bad, but I don't have too much movies, but some from outside US:

Classic Cinema Online said...

Thank you mrnukem and antolin for your comments.

Antolin, I like the suggestion, thanks, that's a great idea! I'll work on that this week. Also, thanks for the links! I'll add those to our list of interesting sites.