Saturday, January 10, 2009

New things happening at Classic Cinema Online!

Classic Cinema Online has affiliated with Amazon.Com to bring you the movies that we're unable to play free due to licensing and copyright issues.

For only $2.99 you can rent one of the films being featured in the Amazon Videos widget at the bottom of our home page located at

Or, you can download it to own for $9.99 or actually purchase the DVD for whatever it's current listing price is.

Each week or so the features will be changed, so rent them while you can! If you need me to feature them again, just send me an email and I'll be happy to feature a particular rental again.

Additionally, you can find DVDs, memorabilia, snacks, and gift baskets in Classic Cinema Online's new aStore. Simply click the "Shop with us" link in the menu bar at the top of any page of our website to visit our aStore. Check out the family movie night gift baskets - yummy!

Check back often as the aStore items will update from time to time.

Please visit Classic Cinema Online's main website for these and other features. There you can find our Movie Billboards, listing all the movies we're playing by genres and our forum and updated chatbox.


About half of Classic Cinema Online's movies have needed updating, and several are no longer available. I'm in the process of replacing those movies, so you'll find that some titles you click on are not playing.

I sincerly apologize for this, it is my goal to have the movies replaced by January 17, and the billboards updated within the week following.

Coming Soon to Classic Cinema Online
Classic Cinema Online is happy and excited to announce that our friend Monsterland DVD has a new blog featuring your favorite classic monster movies, and beginning the week of January 18 we'll be offering weekly updates on our main page that will introduce Monsterpiece Theater's classic monster movie of the week and provide you with the link to Monsterpiece's blog where you can watch those.