Thursday, May 31, 2007

A little something of interest

One of our viewers has alerted me to a particular dance performance that doesn't quite meet the criteria to be shown at Classic Cinema Online, so it's playing on Classic Cinema Online's parent site, The performance is Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance, and it's too awesome for words! Not only is it good entertainment, but it's what I would deem Irish culture at it's finest.

A sidenote about Chattyworld Central:
Chattyworld Central is a kind of spin off from a chat that started at City News, Inc, about 11 or so years ago, and was run by a man named Giles Rider. Giles, suffering from kidney failure, became too ill to continue running the chat, so when his chat went down, it's traffic was re-routed to Chattyboard Forums, which then became Chattyworld Central, the new home for the City News chatters, shortly before his passing.

If you enjoy an ecclectic mix of movies, you can visit Chattyworld Central's Movie of the Week. Some of those movies are pretty bad, and others are pretty good, for the most part they're newer than what you find here at Classic Cinema Online, and there seems to be a little something for everyone there.

Feel free to stop in Chattyworld Central's chat room, too, (there's a link on here to there) and say hello. If no one is chatting, type a hello note anyway if you'd like. It's a nice place.

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