Saturday, September 22, 2007

This Week's Features

Boy has this week gone fast, despite that I've been sick with a chicken soup resistant form of "the crud".

I should have just put on a bunch of sci-fi movies about medical science this week just to make fun of this crud going around, but then I figured that would be too depressing so maybe I'll do that during flu season instead.

I went through almost an entire brand new box of about 300 Kleenex tissues yesterday, and when a friend came over to visit she couldn't help but notice my strong resemblance Rudolph the red nosed reindeer.

So, folks, please stay healthy and stay away from the crud. If you insist on having the crud anyway, try to have plenty of chicken soup and Kleenex Tissues available, along with Ricola cough drops. I like the lemony ones, they actually helped me feel like I could breathe, too, and they didn't taste too strong for me. Hot beverages are another thing that helps, for me drinking a cup of decaf works better at loosening the junk than the hot tea with lemon.

And, of course I can't forget to advise cuddling up with pillows and your favorite quilt to watch a classic movie which will help take your mind off of how lousy you feel -- and that brings us to this week's features:

Black Fist
The Giants of Thessaly
Broadway Limited
The Fountainhead - based on an Ayn Rand novel
It Happened One Night - which is also this week's Saturday Special Matinee
Cosmos: War of the Planets

Have a wonderful and healthy week!

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