Saturday, August 25, 2007

Bye Bye, August!

We celebrate the last week of August with Sword and Sandal flicks. Can you believe Summer is almost over already? Where I live the locusts have been singing loud enough to nearly drown-out the sound of happy mothers celebrating the start of a new school year.

Last week's top 10

They Call Me Trinity
Jack and the Beanstalk
Attack of the Giant Leeches
Long John Silver
The Last Time I Saw Paris
Gone with the West
Tom and Jerry Festival
Boot Hill
The Gun and the Pulpit

If you are a classic movie buff who has a classic movie uploaded to either Google or the internet archives and would like your movie featured at Classic Cinema Online, please send me an email with the URL to the movie so I can review it for possible featuring.

The movie must be in one single clip, and must be at least 30 years old. In some cases I can make an exception to this, for example, if the movie is a classic documentary series or if it's a good enough movie that is just under 30 years old.

The movie must be something the entire family can enjoy, I do not allow excessive blood and gore, excessive profanity, or displays of nudity that are not pertinant to the film's story line. If the movie contains scenes showing sexual encounters, it is not eligible to be shown here. Very brief nudity may be allowable depending on the nature of the scene. I prefer movies that have no profanity, vulgarity, gore, or nudity whatsoever, but there are times when even a good classic film pushes the limit, especially the si-fi's, so it's a judgment call for me.

Foreign Films
Soon I will be adding foreign classic films that may or may not be subtitled with English for you foreign classic film fans. So if you have any favorite foreign films, please send your requests and if you know of any on line that you'd like to see here, send me the URLs to those. I'll be happy to consider them.

In answer of the question of the month. . .
I have received a numerous emails asking about a very popular silent classic called, "Birth Of A Nation".

"Birth of a Nation" is hailed, even today, as an important historical film, and while Classic Cinema Online appreciates the historical value of this film, it's political agenda promoting white supremacy is not appropriate for this site, so it will not be shown here.

Classic Cinema Online is a politically neutral site who's sole purpose is for entertainment. It makes no difference to us whether you're a democrat or republican, what your ethnic heritage, religion, or even your sexual orientation is; and it doesn't even make a difference whether you're male or female, but if you're an intelligent, handsome, affluent, well dressed, well mannered, loyal, faithful, straight, single, middle aged non-smoking man who enjoys fine chocolates and the company of a financially depleted, stressed out, haggardly, frumpy, old-looking woman approaching middle age and the golden years faster than the speed of light and who has no teeth, then I'll reserve a seat for you next to me. We all look the same in the darkened cinema anyway.


And now, down to business...
This Week's Movies are:

David and Goliath
Ceasar the Conquerer
Damon and Pythias
Gladiator of Rome

We have some more Sword and Sandal movies that will be added throughout the week, so stay tuned.

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