Tuesday, January 4, 2011

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Classic Cinema Online does not sell DVDs

Dear viewers;

Over the last few weeks Classic Cinema Online has received numerous emails from people wanting to know why they haven't received the DVDs they ordered, or complaining about the quality of their purchase.

I would like to assure everyone that Classic Cinema Online does not sell DVDs, but apparently people are purchasing DVDs from a company that they think is Classic Cinema Online.

I strongly advise anyone who has purchased DVDs through any company that they think was Classic Cinema Online that they first and foremost report their purchase to their bank or credit card company IMMEDIATELY.

Your billing statement may cite Classic Cinema Movies, Film-Classic Movies, Film Classics, Nocturnal Pictures, or even Marquee Video.

After reporting this to your bank, you might want to also contact your local authorities - police or DA - and report the fraud. You might also contact the FBI - they deal with bootleg items and copyright infringement.

Meanwhile, if anyone visits any website that offers DVDs for sale through a link they found on Classic Cinema Online, please make note of that website address and email it to me. You may use the contact form located on the Classic Cinema Online website - the link is at the bottom of the page.

Apparently this "web company" changes its name often, and uses names that are very close to companies or websites that are reputable and plays on the good reputations of those companies or websites to gain their 'customers'.

Generally a non-reputable company that plays off of reputable ones will have a word different in their name, or an incorrect spelling of the name of the company you think you're doing business with. It can be misspelled by only one letter, may contain a hyphen where there normally would not be one, and so forth, so please double check the trade name of any company you are conducting business with on line to make sure you are conducting business with the company that you think you are conducting business with.

When a non-reputable entity does something like this, it's called "spoofing" and they will often use your information to make unauthorized transactions to your bank or credit card or other accounts, and may even steal your identity.

If ever Classic Cinema Online begins to sell DVDs or other products, I will initiate a press release and post an article about it on the website so that everyone knows it's legitimate.

Until then, I refer people to the Warner Brothers on line store (wbshop.com) or sometimes to Amazon.com (even though they're boycotting Classic Cinema Online because Classic Cinema Online is based in Colorado), or Mill Creek Entertainment for DVD purchases, depending on their need.

-- Sandra
Classic Cinema Online

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