Thursday, October 21, 2010

We love red drapes!

If there is one thing about Classic Cinema Online that seems to have impressed people, it's our red drapes, which have been an important part of our theme since we began.

Traditionally, cinemas of old would have a velvet Grand Drape that was red, which is why Classic Cinema Online has red drapes.  There is something about red and black together that cause black and white pictures to really stand out, and the artistic value of the colors together anyway is priceless.

Currently, Classic Cinema Online is now on it's 4th set of red drapes.  Our first set is no longer in use, and our second set seems to be the most popular.  That set is still in use on this blog and our MySpace page.  Our third set was actually a modification of the second set and is still used on our Twitter profile, while our fourth and current set is a completely new set used in the background of Classic Cinema Online's main site.  That set has been in use since about July of this year.

I've discovered that since Classic Cinema Online was first published on the web in December of 2006, over time other blogs and websites dedicated to vintage film and entertainment have also started to use red drapes in their backgrounds -- some of those sites and blogs are actually using Classic Cinema Online's second set of drapes.

I was approached about this recently and asked if I felt violated or infringed upon.  No way!  I'm honored that Classic Cinema Online's look is so popular! 

If your "Vintage Film" or "Golden Hollywood" type of blog happens to have red drapes in the background (Which you can find in the default blogger background settings, by the way), please send me an email and I'll link to your blog or website on our links page.  (Of course, the blog or website has to be Classic Cinema Online type of material to qualify for this - I won't link to sites that promote anything illegal or "adults only" oriented, for example.)

Acceptable site content would include information about vintage films, film production and stars; vintage movie posters, movie houses, vintage movie DVDs, personal memories of the movies, and so on.  If it's dedicated to vintage Hollywood and has red drapes it should have no problem qualifying.

-- Sandra
Classic Cinema Online

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