Saturday, November 10, 2007

This Week at Classic Cinema Online

Welcome to a new week!

I know some of you have been excitedly waiting for more action filled movies, so I have a few of them.

This week I'm introducing martial arts films to our billboards. I had a couple of them to start with but one of them had problems, so we're starting off with only one of them, I'll introduce the other ones next week.

BUT -- first things first. . .

Before I get to that, though, I have a site announcement. I really enjoy communicating with participants, some of you communicate with me by way of our Classic Cinema Online Myspace and others through email and here.

I've decided to start a new category on the forum for those of you who are interested in movie information and who would like to review some of our features. It's named after Jonathan, one of our participants, and it's open to everyone for discussion and reviews. Jonathan seems to have some interesting movie tidbits that he posts in the chatbox, and since I enjoy what he is writing I thought I'd create a special posting place in the forum for him and those of you who'd like to join him.

If any of you would like to post a movie review and it's particularly interesting, I'll post it here on the blog, too, to draw attention to it for you.

And now, on with the shows!
As promised, we have a few extra movies this week, and I hope to start reading your reviews in the forum. :)

Here's this week's line-up:
*Hot Rod Girl
*Prehistoric Women
*The Sign Of Four
*Image of Bruce Lee
*Blonde Savage
*'Neath Brooklyn Bridge
*Savage Guns
*Trinity Is Still My Name
*Two Gladiators
*The Admiral Was A Lady (THIS MAY TAKE A MINUTE TO LOAD - it'll look like nothing is there, but it'll suddenly appear after it's loaded)
*Hoosier Schoolboy
*The Great Dan Patch

Enjoy! And have a terrific week!

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